How It Works

KC, your personal AI travel assistant, joins your group chats with your friends to help you plan your group trip.
First, we’ll send you KC’s contact information to add to your WhatsApp or SMS group chat, and when you’re ready for KC to help you plan, just tag them in your conversation with the “@” symbol.
Here’s how to get started with KC:
  1. Invite KC to your group chat
  2. Introduce yourself to KC
  3. KC will identify you by your phone number
  4. Start planning
  5. KC listens and learns in the background while your group chats about your trip
  6. When you’re ready for KC to help @KC with one of the commands
  7. KC will recommend flights
  8. KC will recommend accommodations
  9. KC will recommend activities
  10. KC will make group decision-making easy with group voting
  11. KC will manage your bookings
  12. KC will make your itinerary